35 55 Year Anniversary Logo Vector Template Design Illustration gold and white

Dec. 8 marked the 35th anniversary of XYNYTH Manufacturing Corp., a provider of ice melt solutions.

“These past 35 years have given us plenty of reasons to celebrate,” says Kevin Wice, President of XYNYTH. The company has progressed over the last 35 years in all areas while offering a line of high-quality ice melters. XYNYTH Manufacturing Corporation has played a large role as a leader in the ice melting manufacturing industry. 

Founded in 1986, XYNYTH is based in Vancouver, British Columbia, and over the years, has continually evolved to develop and market its products across North America. Over the years, the company’s portfolio has been enlarged with many more creative, solutions-based products to meet the needs of the ever-changing business environment challenges. From the early days of the organization, the objectives have emphasized on the belief that commitment to customer success is the basis of what is consistently a mutual successful business relationship. 

The company's mandate is to exceed customer expectations. Today, XYNYTH looks forward to many more years of continued growth, serving customers and developing many more win-win relationships. XYNYTH manufacturing has continually developed products focusing on offering safer choices with an emphasis on protecting our environment.