Workplace Design Combats Impact Winter Has On Workers' Mental Health

A new survey from Peldon Rose has found that more than 44 percent of employees say winter has a negative effect on their mental wellbeing, according to an article on WorkplaceInsight. Fifty-one percent blame winter for a poor mood and 30 percent say it has an affect on their productivity. The report’s good news is that effective workplace design can help combat some of these winter blues.

Ninety percent of workers surveyed said that factors such as exposure to natural light (90 percent), quiet and private areas (76 percent) and social and collaborative workspaces (75 percent) all rated as significantly more important in supporting mental health than traditional workplace benefits such as health insurance and gym memberships.

The bad news is that just 30 percent believe their company values their opinion on the workplace environment, and only 26 percent believe their workplace has a positive effect on their mental health.

“Thousands of office workers are struggling with their mental health, motivation and productivity this winter, but our survey reveals that there are steps businesses can take to try prevent SAD and the winter blues developing in the first place,” according to Jitesh Patel from Peldon Rose. “The first step is for businesses to engage with their staff via change management and getting them more involved in decisions about their workplace environment. By doing this, it will boost their motivation, mood and productivity.”
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