High Angle View Of Young Female Janitor Cleaning Floor With Vacuum Cleaner

A North Carolina woman is happy to have founded a cleaning company last summer despite the fact that her first year of business has taken place during one of the most tumultuous times in the history of the industry. 

Shamire Teasly left her job as a nursing assistant in mid-2019 to found LuRay's Cleaning Service, an Anago Cleaning Systems franchise that cleans and disinfects offices and university properties in North Carolina's Research Triangle area, reports ABC 11.

Teasly, 40, wanted to try something new in her professional life after having worked as a nursing assistant since she was 20. She says she loves to play music and just "get in the zone" while cleaning. The act of cleaning itself helps both the mind and soul, according to Teasly.

Like most cleaning businesses, LuRay's Cleaning Services started out small — it began with just two employees. However, the business now employs 20 people after hiring many who lost their jobs due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Most people who have worked in the janitorial industry for a while — especially those employed as frontline staff — have known their job to not get much respect. This is a different time, however. With many more Americans aware of the impact the cleaning profession has on health, custodians, housekeepers and janitors report receiving more praise. This includes Teasly, who says she has been consistently thanked lately while cleaning the North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics.