Wizkid And Fresh Products Collaborate On Product Design

In 2004 Wizkid began pioneering the Wizkid Antimicrobial Urinal Mat as the best solution to keep the floors dry, odor free and easy to maintain. Today they continue that goal by engineering a new product aimed at the source of the problem - urinal splash back. Men are not missing the urinal and they certainly are not wanting to have urine landing on their pants, shoes or the floor where they are standing. What happens is that urine is splashing off the back wall and off the bottom of the urinal and is landing outside of it. Urinal screens have made a difference in reducing some splash back at the bottom of the urinal but there still continues to be a lot that lands outside of the urinal. “Much of the splash back begins higher up the urinal on the back wall where most men aim. This is where we wanted to address the problem.” says Dr. Crevier President of WizKid. “Our desire is to keep urine in the urinal by addressing the urine where guys are actually aiming. Then, anything that might land outside the urinal we will destroy with our antimicrobial Wizkid mat. It’s a One, Two Solution.”

Wizkid began working on the concept of going up the back wall back in 2012 but did not feel the time was right to focus on something other than urinal mats. Today the market is ready for an expansion explains Dr. Crevier. “When looking at the landscape of the urinal screen market it became apparent that Fresh Products was continually on the cutting edge developing new products, designs and fragrances. We wanted to work with a company that is resourceful, innovative and smart. We quietly scouted manufacturers at trade shows and had casual conversations with a number of different companies, manufacturers and their members. But when we spoke with the guys at Fresh Products there was a sense of synergy and excitement. They are fun, they work hard and desire to do something significant. We felt very much of a kindred spirit with them. I was convinced we could collaborate and develop a product to work in tandem with the WizKid to make a dramatic difference in keeping urine in the urinal. After months of phone calls, emails and texts we were able to coordinate a time to sit down together at a small restaurant in Amsterdam and frame out a contract where we could both win.”

The Splash Hog is not just a urinal screen. There is a lot of experience and thought that both WizKid and Fresh Products brought to the table in developing this solution. Three suction cups are used to insure the placement stays consistent. Rinse channels are crafted to direct flushing to the front of the screen from the back, tension relief slits and a back angled border are just a few of the engineered elements that make it more than just a screen. “In addition to being highly functional, we wanted it to be more than just a rectangle brick inside the urinal, so we made it curvy and gave it as much of a sexy appeal as we could. We now have a highly functioning urinal screen that stops splash back where guys actually go, deodorizes the restroom for sixty days, and it has pleasing lines. She’s functional, fragrant, and fierce - it’s a beautiful thing says Dr. Crevier.”