businessman pushing button of elevator

Paying extra attention to germ "hot spots" in the workplace can help control the spread of flu this season. According to WKRN News 2 website reports, the most contaminated surfaces in an office are also the most frequently touched. This including doorknobs, push plates on doors and computer keyboards.

Buttons are another area prone to contamination. This includes touch pads and buttons on the microwave and vending machines, but also elevator buttons and light switches.

To fight contamination, these surfaces should be be routinely disinfected at least once a day, if not multiple times a day — especially during flu season.

One way to reduce cross-contamination is using color-coded cleaning cloths. Each colored cloth can be used in a different part of the workplace during the cleaning process. For example, red can be used exclusively in the restroom.

The rest of the color-coding system could be:
Green — desks, counters and common areas
Yellow — food surfaces like in a break room or kitchen
Blue — windows and mirrors

Other often over-looked hot spots are the bottoms of purses, backpacks and briefcases, especially if they are carried from a desk to the restroom and back to the desk or lunchroom.

According to the article, top workplace hot spots include:
• Doorknob or handle
• Elevator button
• Office kitchen -  microwave, refrigerator, vending machine, water cooler, sink sponges, food/food containers handled by others
• Office materials – copier, shared books, pens, staplers, etc.

For more information common hot spots, as well as techniques to controlling cross-contamination, click here.