A wipe container of disinfecting wipes

A long a fixture of household and sometimes even office cleaning routines, Clorox Wipes might be in short supply until 2021.

Clorox, which represents nearly half of the disinfectant wipe market, says even a recent drive to increase production won't save the company from the shortage, reports CNN Business

Linda Rnedle, who has been elected as the next leader CEO and president of the company, says a combination of the approaching cold and flu season and the ongoing presence of the COVID-19 pandemic will prevent the company from stocking up on supplies.

Though Clorox isn't happy with its inability to keep up with demand for many of its products sold by retailers, it's probably delighted by the fact that its sales have increased 22 percent during the current quarter.

A number of factors have lead to a shortage on all disinfecting wipes. As previously reported, restrictions the United States has put on factories in China makes it harder to get quaternary ammonium compounds into America. The demand for face masks has also contributed to a shortage in the fabrics used to make the wipes.