When carpet cleaning technicians were asked about the impact winter had on their business, 53 percent said they see their work slow down. In fact, 78 percent indicated that winter is the slowest time of the year for them.
However, about six percent reported their business actually picks up in the winter months. Most of the rest indicated that the changing seasons have little impact on how busy they are or said "it can vary from year to year."
The survey, conducted by U.S. Products, also revealed the following:
• Twenty-six percent of respondents indicated that they increase marketing efforts during the winter months; 15 percent said they decrease their efforts, the remaining roughly 60 percent report that they make no changes in their marketing efforts based on the seasons.

• Of those who do make changes in their marketing efforts, 47 percent said they put greater emphasis on seeking commercial customers such as restaurants and offices; about 21 percent indicate they seek "higher-end" customers, approximately five percent report they put more marketing emphasis into getting "lower-end" customers.

• Overall, the busiest times of the year, according to the overwhelming majority of respondents, are the spring and summer months.

"Because the winter months can be tough for so many carpet cleaners, we are going to start adding 'Winter Marketing Tips' to our Facebook site to give technicians a helping hand," says Mark Baxter, engineer and product manager for U.S. Products. "There actually are several things technicians can do to stay busy and profitable during this time of year."