Business acquisition handshake

Wildman Business Group of Warsaw, Indiana, announced the acquisition of Hersey, Michigan-based Northern First Aid. The customer base will begin receiving service from WM First Aid, A Wildman Company based in Holland, Michigan, beginning Dec. 4. 

Dave Perales, Owner of Northern First Aid, was looking for a partner that would continue to care for his customers as his team had. As both family-owned companies with a commitment to excellence for customers, Perales knew Wildman was the partner of choice because of their reputation and dependability. While Wildman is primarily known for their uniforms, linen, and mat services, the company has been involved in the first aid and facility services industry for more than 20 years. This strategic focus has helped the company provide further value to their customers and offers a family business alternative to larger players in the industry. The acquisition of Northern First Aid brings first aid service to the Holland, Michigan based WM Uniform and WM First Aid. 

“We’re thrilled to welcome the Northern First Aid customers to our greater Wildman network and expand into the first aid service for our Holland WM team. This growth furthers our purpose of wildly changing lives and our mission of keeping teams and facilities clean, safe, and looking great,” says Josh Wildman, CEO of Wildman Business Group. 

The team will continue to consult with Wildman throughout the acquisition transition to ensure uninterrupted service for all customers and that all questions are answered in a timely manner. In 2023, Wildman has announced partnerships and acquisitions with WM Uniform and WM Apparel, Provision Medical Products, and Northern First Aid. 

Wildman seeks to partner with other independent service providers looking for a transition to provide an alternative succession plan to large national chains with the purpose of caring for customers and distributors and continuing their legacy.