Climate change denial concept

Regardless of affiliation, “journalism of affirmation” (information made to support pre-existing stances and opinions on different matters) is rampant in the U.S. media. Whether it’s cherry-picked stats or news outlets going back to the same sources that are set on a certain mentality regardless of newly-introduced facts, this reality has a significant impact on the views of climate change for millions of Americans. 

Steve Ashkin, the leading advocate for green and sustainable initiatives in the commercial cleaning industry, is pursuing this reality matter during the month of July, seeking out the causes and reasoning for why climate change deniers still exist in large quantities. Citing the observations Elizabeth Arnold, a renowned journalist and reporter for several decades, many of the main factors for climate change denial come from the manner in which the subject is being presented. 

Among the most notable are the following:

• A lack of effort to share effort being made to combat climate change

• Time wasted trying to reach and change the minds of people who will never adjust their stance

• Prioritizing negative stories that lead to a desensitized readership or viewership instead of highlighting positive progress being made

• Highlighting climate-change related topics that aren’t immediately pertinent to many viewers or readers, such as the melting of the polar ice caps. Instead, the focus should be how climate changes impacts everyday interests such as sports, entertainment, or weather patterns. 

• A lack of branding for top proponents attempting to fight climate change.

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