A picture of a whitepaper

Secure Cleaning Building Services, a contract cleaning companies in Illinois, has just authored a new White Paper entitled, "Cleaning in the Post-Coronavirus Environment." The White Paper is designed to help facility managers, as well as cleaning contractors, better understand how professional cleaning will change going forward due to the coronavirus.

The whitepaper is written company Founder and CEO Rick Vanderkoy. Vanderkoy says he tries to make the point during the white paper that phrases like "looks clean" and "good enough" will no longer suffice in the post-coronavirus world.He also stresses that C-suite executives, who typically had minimal involvement in building operations, including cleaning and maintenance, will now be very involved in how well their facilities are cleaned and maintained. 

"Top executives are now responsible for their staff's health and welfare, continued business operations, brand reputation, and the bottom line," Vanderkoy says in the whitepaper. "Whereas effective cleaning has played a relatively minor role in C-suite responsibilities in the past, it now plays a commanding position."

Vanderkoy also thinks that in a post-coronavirus era, what he calls "priced-based" cleaning will be a thing of the past, replaced with "quality-based" cleaning.

Years ago, according to Vanderkoy, many facility managers believed cleaning was a commodity, meaning there was not a lot of difference between one cleaning contractor and another. However, managers have slowly been moving away from this belief, but now, it is pretty much dead and gone because of the virus.

"Today, they view quality cleaning as an investment," he says. "It pays dividends by protecting the health of building users and by keeping businesses and facilities functioning."

The whitepaper can be downloaded via a link located here.