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Contributed by ProNatural Brands 

ProNatural Brands released a new White Paper discussing the history, features, and benefits of citrus-based cleaning solutions. While citrus-based cleaning solutions are commonly used in the consumer sector, they are just starting to make inroads into the professional cleaning industry.

To further this along, the White Paper discusses how the professional cleaning industry can benefit from these products.

“One of the benefits of citrus-based cleaning solutions is what I call ‘minimization,’” says Lee Chen, CEO of ProNatural Brands. “By that, I mean one or two citrus cleaners can usually perform the same cleaning tasks of a wide variety of other cleaning solutions.”

Chen explains this helps reduce supply costs, and because having just a couple of products handling a variety of cleaning functions, there is less need for custodial training, cleaning worker accidents are reduced, and “more work gets done faster and more efficiently with just a couple of products to select from.”

As to the types of cleaning tasks these products can be used for, he points out that at least one citrus-based disinfectant has been EPA-registered, verifying its effectiveness, and has also proven effective at eliminating the pathogen that causes COVID-19.

“However, I think the main driving force for selecting these products is sustainability,” adds Chen. “Of course, they are environmentally friendly, but they are made from an unlimited supply of natural sources such as lemons, limes, oranges, and other citrus products.”

The White Paper, which can be found on the Insights drop-down of the ProNatural website. It is free and available to all.

“We thought of ‘gating’ this information so that visitors must give us their contact information first,” adds Chen. “But then we realized this is information we want the industry to know. We did not want any obstacles getting in the way.”