man waiter stand with hold food cover

Cintas Canada, Ltd. recently published its latest white paper, “Food for Thought: Should I Rent or Purchase Foodservice Uniforms?” The white paper, which is available for free download, highlights features to look for in foodservice garments, the benefits of renting versus purchasing uniforms and factors affecting the total cost of ownership (TCO).

“Uniforms are a valuable extension of a foodservice team, so it’s important to place a priority on workwear garments and how they will be supplied, laundered and managed over time,” said Candice Raynsford, Marketing Manager, Cintas Canada. “This white paper is an informative tool for busy foodservice managers who have a lot on their plate but want their staff looking and feeling their best.”

To help foodservice operations find a program that best matches their needs, the white paper highlights factors affecting TCO, such as turnover and soil loads, as well as laundering options. It also includes a list of questions that businesses can use when vetting potential uniform providers.

“A smart uniform program can have a positive impact on customer satisfaction and the bottom line,” added Raynsford. “With high-quality, comfortable garments for back-of-house and front-of-house employees, your operation maintains a professional and cohesive image that welcomes guests and makes employees proud to be part of the team.”