White Paper Helps With Dispenser Selection, Installation and Maintenance

Hydro Systems, the world’s largest independent manufacturer of proportioning and dispensing systems, today released a free educational white paper, “Ensuring Success with Dispensing Systems.”  The white paper highlights the role of dispensers in keeping cleanliness, costs, safety and sustainability in line, as well as tips for selection, installation, use and maintenance.  It is available for download at http://hydrosystemsco.com/whitepaper-ensuring-success-dispensing-systems/.

“Dispensing systems offer a variety of benefits, including accurate and consistent dilution, but only if they are appropriate for the work environment and are properly installed and maintained over time,” said Matt Hayas, Global Product Manager, Hydro Systems.  “This white paper will help facility managers better understand how to select, use and maintain the system that best suits their organization’s needs.”

When choosing a dispensing system, it’s important to consider several factors, including how the dispenser will be used, the number of chemicals being dispensed and water flow and pressure requirements.  Facility managers should follow specific tips for installation and regular maintenance of key parts to ensure great cleaning performance and limit chemical waste, loss of productivity and added costs.  In addition to providing tips for these processes, Hydro Systems’ white paper also includes a breakdown of specific types of dispensers such as pressure regulating dispensers and foaming and spraying models.

To download the free white paper, visit http://hydrosystemsco.com/whitepaper-ensuring-success-dispensing-systems/.