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Contributed by Hydro Systems.

Hydro Systems, an independent manufacturer of proportioning and dispensing systems, released its latest white paper, “Food Safety Starts at the Farm: How Dispensers Can Help.” The white paper discusses the current state of antibiotic use on farms as well as the critical role reliable chemical dispensers play in maintaining animal health. 

“As the industry reduces its reliance on antibiotics, many farmers are looking into alternative tools for keeping animals healthy,” said Scott Campbell, Global Product Manager, Hydro Systems. “Farms play an important role in world health, making it important for farmers to utilize the right biosecurity tools. This white paper provides a clear understanding dispensing system features, benefits and best practices.”

In addition to discussing new regulations on farms, Hydro’s white paper highlights essential equipment for animal health and farm hygiene such as water-driven pumps (WDPs), dispensers and other helpful tools. It also includes information about steps farms should take between cleaning cycles, the state of farm water sources and important features to look for when choosing dispensers, including accurate dosing, water pressure regulation technology and more. 

To download the free white paper, click here.