A doctor and a nurse walking side by side down a hospital hallway

Compass One Healthcare announces the launch of its white paper, "The Five Pillars of Safety in Healthcare: The Power of Clean," which details industry-leading strategic best practices and protocols to decrease healthcare associated infections (HAIs) and environmental contamination in hospital-settings. The white paper is particularly timely as it highlights the ways standard operating protocols should be enhanced and expanded during a pandemic like COVID-19.

“The white paper provides a unique perspective through our specialized expertise and decades of experience on issues impacting a patient’s care and experience,” says Rich Feczko, National Director of Standards, Innovation, and Global Support at Crothall Healthcare in a press release. “It also includes a pandemic-focused lens based on our learnings in this unprecedented environment over the last six months. We are excited to share our Pillars of best practices that were developed to further build innovative processes to ensure the safety of our patients and their families, caregivers, associates and communities we serve across the country.”

To support healthcare providers in meeting HAI challenges more efficiently and to improve processes that maintain a safer and cleaner environment, Compass One has developed these "Five Pillars of Clean":

1. Hand hygiene

The number one way to prevent the spread of infection. The science of hand hygiene, correct gloving technique and the importance of high-touch surface cleanliness must continually be taught to all associates.

2. Process

Includes three key components – people, protocols, and products – which all must be in place and working to the highest level to reduce HAIs and increase positive patient outcomes.

3. Surface measurement

Includes processes designed to support quantitative quality outcomes, performance trends as well as internal, regulatory and deeming authority compliance factors.

4. Augmentation

Automated UV-C hard surface disinfection systems, electrostatic application of a broad-spectrum disinfectant cleaners and certified air purification and disinfection systems should be used to augment existing cleaning protocols.

5. Emerging solutions

Strategic partnerships provide access to cutting-edge technology. Significant resources should be allocated to pilot and study the results of emerging innovative technologies.

"We've worked with Compass One Healthcare for three years in offering VirtualMGR HealthClean, a turnkey solution for healthcare environmental service departments. The platform helps Compass One increase quality and compliance by monitoring and tracking cleaning and employee activity," says Tony Morocco, CEO of VirtualMGR. "The technology also ensures seamless coordination between hospitals and those in facilities management – a key component of Compass One's Process pillar – and serves as an example of the benefits of investing in emerging solutions. We are excited to see the platform become such a useful tool to help keep patients, staff, and the environment safe."