White Paper Compares On-Premise vs. Outsourced Laundry

Hydro Systems, an independent manufacturer of proportioning and dispensing systems, has published a free white paper, “OPL vs. Outsourced Laundry: Which is Better for your Business?” The white paper highlights the ins and outs of on-premise laundry (OPL) and outsourced laundry operations, the benefits of each setup, the role of dispensers in laundry and more.

“Facilities like hospitals, hotels and fitness centers must have the right type of laundry system in place to ensure customer satisfaction and profitability,” said John Goetz, Global Product Manager, Hydro Systems. “This white paper takes a closer look at each approach to laundry to lay out the advantages of each, while also providing insight around chemical dispensing systems for laundry operations. Whether organizations choose the OPL model, outsourced or a combination of both, Hydro is there to support their laundry needs.”

OPLs may cut long-term costs and require fewer par inventories, yet outsourced laundry results in time savings and scalability. This and more are discussed in the white paper, as well as a success story about the transition from outsourced laundry to an in-house setup. The white paper also looks at the benefits of chemical dispensers and features to look for when purchasing a system.

Access the white paper here.