White Paper Addresses Enhancing Farm Biosecurity

Hydro Systems, an independent manufacturer of proportioning and dispensing systems, published its latest white paper, “Supporting Biosecurity with the Right Dosing Solutions.” The white paper highlights biosecurity risks, the role of water-driven pumps (WDPs) and how to properly select cleaning and sanitizing solutions to maintain a healthy farm. It is available for free download here.

“Without proper precautions in place, pests and diseases can easily enter and spread throughout the farm and destroy profitability,” said Scott Campbell, Global Product Manager, Hydro Systems. “Farmers should understand what to look for in a WDP so that they can choose systems that will best serve their needs. This white paper is a great education tool for those looking to improve biosecurity measures.”

Water-driven pumps can help farms with numerous biosecurity tasks, including providing clean water, sanitizing equipment and vehicles and administering key nutrients and vaccinations to animals. Hydro Systems’ white paper details the benefits of WDPs as well as factors to consider before purchasing a WDP, including application and water line pressure. The paper also includes a breakdown of today’s available dispensers and injectors and their features.

Hydro Systems also offers an online tool to help organizations choose the proper WDP. The Water-Driven Pump HydroGuide is available here.