a shopping mall

At some point, the United States will be completely open for business for the first time since COVID-19 entered its borders. When that day does come, businesses everywhere will have to be ready to stay clean if they want to survive, reports Chain Store Age.

According to the report, the International Council of Shopping Centers surveyed Americans to find out what cleaning and sanitizing measures they hope to take place in a business they will visit. At 66 percent, the most popular response was that consumers wanted businesses to be better cleaned and sanitized than before. The majority of respondents (62 percent) say they would be more comfortable visiting a business that has hand sanitizer stations or offers disinfecting wipes to patrons. Just under half of those who responded say they want to see staff wearing gloves and and masks.

As for what places they fear visiting the most, the survey participants say they are most worried about visiting stadiums or live event venues or using public transportation. That was the response of 47 percent of people taking the survey. Those concerns were closely followed by worries of going to movie theaters, restaurants and bars. Less than a quarter of consumers say they are worried about going to physical stores and shops.