Logo mats - floor mats that have a company’s logo embedded in it - are becoming increasingly popular today.  They are now found in office buildings, schools, hotels, hospitals, airports, and many other types of facilities. And many organizations want more than a logo mat; they want the mat to convey a message. “Mat messaging,” as it is called, is creating an entirely new industry for some mat manufacturers.

“However, before organizations order mats with logos or messages on them, there are some guidelines they should follow to ensure these mats are as attractive as they are effective,” says Adam Strizzi, marketing manager for Crown Matting Technologies.

Among Strizzi’s suggestions are the following:

Simplicity pays. The more straightforward the design, logo, or message, the more likely it will be noticed, read, and appreciated.  “Keep in mind, people are going to be walking over the mat and you only have a few seconds to catch their attention.”

Landscape or portrait? The orientation of the mat, whether it is horizontal or vertical, is very dependent on where it is going to be installed.   A logo mat with a long landscape (horizontal) design, for instance, will work best if it is installed in the middle of a large entry way.

Be inspired. While the logo/message mat should be simple in design, it does not need to be restricted to just a logo or short message; “a little marketing’ imagination and inspiration can make a very beautiful and effective logo/message mat.”

Colors. For the most part, the colors should reflect your brand’s colors. The background of the mat should complement the colors used.  If the logo/message is light colored, use a dark background, for example.

“And always purchase a high quality mat to work with,” says Strizzi.  You want a logo mat that will look good, last many years, and also keep the facility clean and healthy.