Public toilet in the office building

The last thing any business wants is to invite a potential client or employee to the facility to find a dingy, dirty restroom. The reality is, restroom etiquette says a lot in a corporate setting, according to ChicagoNow reports.

A comfortable, clean restroom communicates that the business respects their employees and visitors. To get there, ChicagoNow offers some tips on keeping a business bathroom in top shape.

An office restroom should be built with quality materials that will hold up and make a positive statement about the business. Individual mirrors are better than one large piece of glass. Easy-to-use hands-free sinks and dryers are also a good idea.

Make sure the bathroom isn't just well-built, but well-maintained. Failing to maintain it will immediately give the impression that a company doesn't care about hygiene and subjects its employees to substandard working conditions, the article said.

Also, most people don't expect style or humor from a business' restroom, so when they find it, it makes an impression. A bright and colorful paint scheme to the just-right selection of background music or commentary can do the trick.
Whatever a bathroom says about a company, it better be positive. A simple, cheap restroom is acceptable (as long as it’s clean), but it’s a wasted opportunity to differentiate a business.

While these are extreme examples, take a look at the "Instagrammable" toilets showcased in a recent CleanLink report.

#BathroomSelfie has notched up more than 1.5 million uses on Instagram to date, while #ToiletSelfie has 277,000. Thankfully, the perfume company Fragrance Direct has checked 40,000 of them and shared its favorites, according to an article on the Virgin Media television website. The photo gallery includes everything from pee pods to a restroom that would make Marie Antoinette blush.