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Flying has always been an anxiety-inducing act for some, but during the COVID-19 pandemic the prospect of travel in a crowded, confined space is a concern for even more. In an effort to ease the minds of customers, Delta Airlines has published a list of five things it is doing to keep them safe.

1. The airline says it is the first in the Untied States to place hand sanitizer stations near the boarding door and next to restroom entrances. Each Delta aircraft will have up to five hand sanitizer stations on board, with the amount depending on the size of the aircraft. Delta said Aug. 27 that it planned to begin placing these hand sanitizer stations on its Boeing 757-200 fleet starting Aug. 28.

2. Flight attendants are venturing into lavatories several times per flight to wipe down high-touch surfaces using disinfectant spray, wipes and gloves.

3. Hands-free faucets, flush levers and waste lids are already in the restrooms of several Delta planes. The airline says it is exploring how in can bring even more touchless features to its travel experience.

4. Each aircraft restroom will soon feature signage reminding travelers to wash their hands.

5. The airline will continue to use electrostatic sprayers before every flight to disinfect every interior surface.