Business deal

With ISSA Show North America 2019 and BSCAI’s Contracting Success Conference coming to Las Vegas this month, “Sin City” will be the perfect place for salespeople within the jan/san industry to talk shop, and maybe even make sales. It will also be a good time for these salespeople to gain a great understanding of why their customers are making the purchasing decisions they are.

“Do they buy because of price, needs, salesperson persistence? Many issues factor into purchasing decisions,” says Michael Wilson, vice president of marketing and packaging for AFFLINK.

According to Wilson, among the most common reasons why people make purchasing decisions are the following:

- They want to buy

- The timing is right

- They are comfortable with the price of the product or service

- They are satisfied with the company marketing the product or service

- They visualize the benefits realized from the product or service

- They feel an urgency to make the purchasing decision

- They believe they have made a “good deal” that will benefit the company

- The salesperson has carefully listened to the prospect's needs and offered suggestions that address those needs.

"What we see here is that many purchasing decisions are in reality emotional decisions," says Wilson. "When buyers can 'visualize' using a product, 'feel' an urgency to make the purchase, or 'believe' it will benefit their company, these are all emotional reasons that drive the sale."

However, none of this would happen if the salesperson has not "fully understood the prospect's needs and offered worthwhile solutions,” says Wilson. “Many times, the customer does not even know what they need. Uncovering it and providing solutions opens all the doors."