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Owners, managers and supervisors who wish to retain their top talent in 2020 should focus more on what matters most to those workers, says John Boinott, a digital media consultant and investor in an opinion piece for Entrepreneur.

Nearly 80 percent of the 20,000 employees surveyed in the 2020 Global Culture Report by the O.C. Tanner Institute say they are burned out out by their work to some extent. Boinott says the burnout issue demonstrates that traditional leadership practices and employment styles are no longer working, and that the way to solve this issue is through improving leadership.

Here are some of the qualities good leadership has, according to the Boinott.

Work-life balance

A greater balance of work and life can be struck by permitting employees to work a more flexible schedule — when possible. Flexible hours can allow parents to work around their children’s schedule or other workers to participate in the things that interest them outside of work.

Mentoring and communication

Too many bosses fail to realize exactly what their subordinate’s work entails, which signifies issues in communication. To improve this problem, management might want to consider implementing employee mentoring programs or regular meetings.

Improved Employee Experience

The key to good employee experience is often strong workplace culture. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to enhance the work environment. For tips on how to accomplish this, read this past article from Cleanlink.