Only good news sign with megaphone

Beginning in March of this year, Steve Ashkin, CEO and president of the Ashkin Group, started a weekly content series on LinkedIn called Happy Wednesday.

The series is designed to discuss positive news and happenings as they pertain to green-related topics, including green cleaning and sustainability.

Some of the recent topics covered on Happy Wednesday include:

- The additions of green-leaning advocates on the Exxon board;

- How we may not have realized the many positive sustainability developments recently occurring;

- An article on why it is getting less costly to develop green energy technologies and why this is likely to continue.

“When we started the series, it was imperative to me that we discuss positive green and sustainability-related happenings,” says Ashkin. “While our country has certainly had some environmental setbacks over the past few years, many good things have been occurring nonetheless.”

The Happy Wednesday articles are posted on LinkedIn every Wednesday morning. In addition, they are sent to all of Ashkin's connections, of which there are almost 9,000 and displayed in his LinkedIn groups. The posts became available to all LinkedIn members starting last week.

“We are trying to reach as many people as we can, tell them about all the great things going on when it comes to protecting our environment,” he adds.

In addition to the Happy Wednesday series, Ashkin has also conducted polls on LinkedIn, gathering thoughts from LinkedIn members on various topics.

One of the most recent asked members the following: "Do you believe Green Cleaning will become more or less important in a post-COVID era?"

More than 60 percent of those polled believe green cleaning will become more important in a post-COVID era.

“I think LinkedIn has a number of untapped benefits,” adds Ashkin. “It allows me to reach my connections and followers directly and I can express my views and engage with them. That’s proving really valuable to me.”