CFR, manufacturers of continuously recycling carpet extractors, has just unveiled an entirely updated website. The site,, has been revamped to emphasize the environmentally preferred aspects of the company's products, according to Sean Martschinke, Marketing Director for CFR.
"While our old site emphasized that our products are 'faster, cleaner, greener,' we wanted to put more stress on the green and sustainable benefits of our machines. That was the underlying goal for the new site."
CFR manufactures the only carpet extractor systems that recycle cleaning solution. Using a four-stage filtering system, CFR carpet extractors consume about one-seventh the amount of water that a traditional carpet extractor uses.
"When you consider [that] most carpet extractors use about one to one and a half gallons of water per minute, this reduction in water usage soon becomes very significant."
Martschinke adds that because these extractors use so much less water, it also means they use less chemical and less solution is dumped into sewer systems. "Less water, less chemical, and less waste are key attributes we wanted the new site to stress."
The new website also includes multiple drop-down menus for quicker navigation; a blog, which will be updated regularly; and tools to "Request a Quote" or "Schedule a Demo" to learn more about CFR equipment.
And, adjusting to the new ways people go online, the content and layout of the site is designed to work well on mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, notepads, and other small-screen systems.