Wausau Paper announced the achievement of recertification under Green Seal's Standard for Sanitary Paper Products (GS-01, 2011). Green Seal issued a new environmental standard pertaining to towel and tissue products in late 2010, with updated editions following in 2011. Wausau Paper is one of the first major paper manufacturers to be awarded this recertification.

Wausau Paper meets the new GS-01 Standard, which is more comprehensive than previous Green Seal Standards for Tissue Paper (GS-1) and Paper Towels and Napkins (GS-9). The GS-01 Standard was expanded to establish environmental, health and social requirements for the broad range of industrial and retail sanitary paper products including bath and facial tissue, paper towels, napkins and placemats. In addition, the new Green Seal standard provides more stringent criteria such as increasing the amount of post-consumer material required by an average of 25 percent, monitoring of air and wastewater quality, outlining limits to energy and water use during manufacture, and expanding product performance and packaging requirements.