Waterless Co. Inc., has a brand new door—not on its office, but on the World Wide Web.
The homepage on the company’s website, www.waterless.com, along with other sections of the site have been totally revamped, allowing visitors to enjoy a more attractive site as well as find the information they are looking for far more quickly.
According to comments from users beta testing the updated site, the new site is now more “smart-looking;”  “better organized;” and “easier to navigate.”
According to Niki Bradley, marketing manager for Waterless Co., the first thing visitors see on the site’s Home Page is a map of the world.
“Our waterless urinals are now installed all over the world so it just seemed appropriate.”
Next to the map are four large eye-catching tabs that take users directly to the following:
· An online product showcase of all the company’s waterless urinal products
· Liquids and accessories used to maintain waterless urinal systems, along with other restroom-related products
· A “How It Works” tab, explaining how a waterless, no-flush urinal system works
· Latest news, listing updated items from and about the company.

Still, Bradley says the Web site’s enhancements are a “work in progress” and “a reflection of our products; we are continually working on both to make them better and more effective.”
The company also maintains a blog (http://waterlessco.wordpress.com) and has recently started a Facebook site.
Bradley adds that all sites will be interconnected with the updated Web site.