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Waterless Co., Inc. a manufacturer in the no-water urinal industry, introduced a new tagline, “Pioneers in Advancing Water Efficiency.”  

According to Klaus Reichardt, CEO and founder of the company, the new tagline reflects where the company has been, its expertise in the no-water urinal industry, its knowledge of water efficiency, and the future.

Waterless is the oldest manufacturer of no-water urinals in North America. Based in Southern California, the company first began marketing waterless urinals in 1991.

“At the time, no other manufacturers were making no-water urinals in North America,” says Reichardt. “Rarely did you hear anyone use the term ‘water efficiency.’ We truly were pioneers back then in every sense of the word.”

Today, with the chronic and ongoing drought conditions in California and throughout the Southwest, Reichardt believes the new tagline will better position the company for further growth.

“There are several new players in the no-water urinal industry,” he says. “However, building owners and managers should work with long-term suppliers and brands. Because we are pioneers and our fixtures have been installed in buildings for more than 31 years, we believe we have earned their trust and confidence."

Reichardt also points out that recent market research studies predict significant growth in the waterless urinal industry over the next several years.

“We want this new tagline to help us take advantage of this growth. I am very optimistic that working together, our country can address its water challenges – and it will be easier than we think today.”