Analytics metrics

According to a newly released white paper from Essity, the rise of Big Data and the Internet of Things is disrupting the way businesses operate in many industries, not least the facility services industry. In fact, the facilities market is constantly changing, resulting in growing demands for facility service providers.

According to the report, "This transformation is not simply about companies introducing new technology for the sake of it, but rather about creating value by harnessing data to gain better insights and solve business challenges. Companies that fail to re-think and optimize their operations through data-driven insights will find it increasingly difficult to remain competitive, and could be rendered obsolete in the future."

Change appears to be coming quickly, setting a pace that is difficult for facility service providers. According to Essity, these managers must be capable of continuously dealing with today’s most pressing challenges – low profit margins, high staff turnover and absenteeism, frequent customer churn, rapidly changing workplaces – while also making sure to prepare themselves for the complexities of tomorrow. Data-driven cleaning is one solution that enables businesses to apply new forms of technology to overcome both long-standing and new challenges, helping them to stay competitive and increase their performance in the marketplace.

The white paper focuses on data-driven cleaning, its value and the effects it has on the facility services industry. It first discusses the major challenges facility service businesses face today, and then focuses on the opportunities and value that advanced data capabilities bring for both service suppliers and clients.

Access the full report here.