WAXIE Gives Back to Barrio Logan

On March 29th, 2017 several people from the WAXIE Sanitary Supply San Diego Sales Team visited Perkins K-8 in the Barrio Logan neighborhood of San Diego to assist the custodians with their restorative cleaning.
The WAXIE team brought two trucks worth of commercial floor care equipment and restorative bathroom cleaners, and immediately got to work. Thanks to a prior survey of the school, it was determined that the areas of primary concern for the staff were the floors in a large multipurpose room, the kitchen, a teacher’s lounge, and multiple large restrooms. Completing these projects would greatly improve the appearance and maintenance needs of some of the most highly visible areas of the campus, and would free up the facilities crew to focus on other sanitation needs during the short spring recess.
In order to accomplish the large list of cleaning tasks identified for the day, WAXIE brought along some of the newest cleaning technology available. While working, the WAXIE team took the opportunity to train some of its new employees on cleaning techniques, as well as to demonstrate the equipment being utilized to school district personnel who stopped by the campus to view the progress.
In addition to the cleaning, WAXIE arranged for a donation to the school. “After performing a site survey we recognized the school’s cleaning equipment was getting a little old. We contacted a few vendors and were able to supply tools and equipment we know will be used to help keep the school clean for the students and staff on a daily basis,” stated Rick Hawkins, Sales Manager of WAXIE San Diego. 
WAXIE is devoted to providing healthy and safe solutions for of all of its customers, and takes great pride in giving back to all of the communities that it serves.