Clean office interior

An office is not just a workplace — it's an extension of the business and the people who work there. According to an article on the Business Matters website, there are a number of ways to create a lasting positive impression — and top of the list is a clean office.

When someone walks into a dirty or unhygienic workplace, they'll probably form a negative impression that will take a lot of work to overcome — if they even give the company that chance.

While staff members can be asked to keep their desks tidy, they probably won't have time for much else. It’s really up to the contract cleaner or in-house cleaning department to provide a clean environment — and a great lasting first impression.

Facility executives of commercial offices know the importance of first impressions and build their cleaning contracts around it. Studies show that facility executives feel clean restrooms and entryways are more important than disinfecting commonly touched objects. They also spec of have entryway glass cleaned more often than high-touched surfaces.