Vector illustration approved label flag with thumbs up icon.

Pace Solutions has received a virucide designation from Health Canada for one of the company’s most popular disinfectants, Chemprocide. 

Chemprocide is a non-corrosive hospital-grade disinfectant, fungicide, deodorizer and now virucide used in a wide range of industries from schools to food production and processing. Virucides prevent the human coronavirus strand 229E (HCoV-229E) from existing on surfaces.

“We’ve all had a tough year with the pandemic and experts are speculating that this may not be the last time we’ll face a similar situation in our lifetimes,” said Wes Martin, President of Pace Solutions. “By eliminating human coronavirus from the workplace, Chemprocide insures against potential outbreaks amongst staff leading to abrupt and prolonged shutdowns.” 

At a ratio of 8 mL/liter, Chemprocide eliminates human coronavirus 229E, one of the seven human coronaviruses identified and a species of coronavirus responsible for the common cold. The approval states that it is likely to kill the SARS-CoV-2 -- the virus that causes COVID-19 -- when applied to hard non-porous surfaces after using the appropriate cleaner. Although properly cleaning a surface helps reduce the transmission of the infection between people, only using an approved disinfectant kills the virus.