A set of cartoon germs

Fully aware of just how often proper handwashing isn't conducted - even in hospitals - a clinician in Virginia has created a device that tracks when people are washing their hands correctly, reports WDBJ 7.

Lisa Broyden's "Germ Zapp" is a patent-pending device that detects people as they walk by using wireless technology. Germ Zap tracks the handwashing of the person carrying on the act so that it can monitor if he or she washed their hands for the full 20 seconds recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The information tracked is then sent to a central area that employers can access. The employers can then use this information to grade the compliance of their workers.

Germ Zapp is currently in its prototype stage. People in the Blacksburg, Virginia area can expect to start seeing Germ Zapp at local businesses within the coming months.