The United War Veterans Council (UWVC) Recycling Program, the largest recycling program of its kind in New York City, announced that it collected a scale-tipping 1,488 tons (more than 2.9 million pounds) of clothing and household goods in 2014 in a program that has multiple benefits:
• It helps the environment by keeping material out of landfills;
• It saves taxpayers nearly $150,000 per year in disposal costs;
• It helps veterans by providing revenue for UWVC programs;
• It allows people to take a tax deduction for donations of clothing and household goods.
The 2014 collection figures represent a 30 percent increase over 2013. Furthermore, with trash disposal rates costing New York City approximately $100 per ton, the program saved taxpayers an estimated $148,800 by removing that burden from the City’s waste collection system.
“Our program has proven itself to be a win-win recycling option for all, for veterans, for the City, for taxpayers and most importantly, for the environment,” said UWVC President Vincent McGowan. “With our recycling program, we are able to fund programs for veterans and save taxpayers money.”
Offering what it calls “white glove door-to-door pickup service,” the UWVC program allows residents or building managers to log on to or call
888-821-UWVC (8982) to arrange a convenient pickup for clothing, textiles and household items. The priority is to re-use or repurpose collected materials.
The UWVC Recycling Program does not use collection bins.
“As impressive as collecting three million pounds in 2014 might sound, we feel that we have just scratched the surface.  UWVC believes in PlaNYC 2030 and there is much more available to donate for Veteran causes,” said Debra Menich, who has lead the UWVC Recycling Program since it began in 2008. “Our fleet of more than 50 trucks is out canvassing the boroughs daily and we look forward to working with the City to expand the program, increase collections and save taxpayers even more money in 2015.”
UWVC Recycling picks up gently used clothing and household goods from homes and apartment buildings, providing NYC residents with a convenient, effective way to give to our veterans.  Proceeds are invested in programs for veterans. With over 40,000 new veterans projected to arrive in New York City over the next decade, UWVC Recycling will play an important role in ensuring that these men and women receive the care and assistance they deserve.