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Veolia North America announced that it has completed the acquisition of U.S. Industrial Technologies, a Michigan-based provider of total waste and recycling services that has managed industrial waste streams for automakers as well as other large manufacturers, medium and small businesses and governments and municipalities since 1996.

The acquisition will expand the U.S. market share for Veolia’s Environmental Solutions and Services (ESS) division, which is already recognized for its ability to provide customized integrated services for the management and treatment of hazardous, non-hazardous and recyclable waste for thousands of U.S. industrial, commercial and government customers. 

The transaction includes the acquisition of USIT’s main operational location in Livonia, Michigan and another operation in Knoxville, Tennessee. The Livonia center serves as a collection and storage location for complex waste streams from a wide variety of customers, most notably in the manufacturing sector. USIT employs more than 70 people at company-owned and customer facilities.

The acquisition will serve to reinforce Veolia’s commitment to the depollution of the planet’s ground and water resources, using recycling and other innovations to eliminate the impact of hazardous waste materials on the environment. It also aligns with Veolia’s Purpose, driving innovative environmental solutions for customers that support the ecological transformation of the planet.

“This represents a strategic expansion of scope in terms of volume for VNA’s hazardous waste business, which has a well-established reputation for service excellence and continues to grow to meet the challenges and demands across the U.S. for the safe, sustainable management of complex waste streams,” says Bob Cappadona, president and CEO of Veolia North America’s Environmental Solutions and Services business. “We believe this acquisition is fully consistent with the overall vision and purpose of Veolia North America to provide services that meet the needs of our customers and, most importantly, helps our mission to lead the ecological transformation of the planet.”

Cappadona adds, “We could not be more pleased to complete this transaction with USIT, which over the years developed a reputation for service excellence that we felt was a perfect match with the high level of quality service that we insist on at Veolia.”

Jerome Prezekop, the owner of USIT, said he was pleased to work with Veolia to complete the transaction. 

“This marks a logical and strategic next step for USIT, which has been able to build a strong foothold among its customers and is now poised to accelerate its growth potential through the affiliation with Veolia,” he says. “I have a deep appreciation for Veolia’s culture of safety and compliance and its team-based commitment to customer service, which is the foundation for USIT’s success as well.”

The Veolia Environmental Solutions and Services business provides a full range of waste management services, from collection to transportation to recycling and disposal. With the acquisition of USIT, the business will now employ more than 2,300 people at over 200 locations across the country, providing safe, customized services for large manufacturers in fields such as technology, healthcare and pharmaceutical and petro