Using Technology To Manage Water Consumption

Contributed by Waterless Co.
According to CEO Klaus Reichardt, there are now phone apps designed specifically to "help us realize how much water we use and suggest ways to reduce consumption."
Take time to explore the following water apps. While we cannot mention manufacturers, a little googling should uncover them.
Reichardt recommends the following:
APP 1: This app is designed to help track where and when you use water every day. You answer a few short questions, and it takes it from there. But here's what's special. This app compares your usage with that of your neighbors. "Don't ask me how it does it but the result is a lot of insight into your water consumption."
APP 2: Want to know how much that drip, drip, drip is costing you? This app detective tells you how much water is wasted each week, month, or year and how big a dent it puts in your wallet.
APP 3. This "app" is perfect for kids. It's packed with all kinds of information about water and how to save it. "As an information source, its great. But it also uses games which make it much easier for kids to learn about water."
APP 4: Finally, this app connects to your water utility and also compares your water usage with your neighbors'. It provides insight into how much, where, and when you are using the most water; it also lets you set water reduction goals, and the graphs help you clearly understand all the information it has gathered.
"Hopefully a little googling will help you learn more about these apps," adds Reichardt. "What they are all trying to do is help us learn more about water. This will help us become more aware of ways to protect this precious resource and out reduce usage."