Using Cleaning Chemicals Cost-Effectively

When buying cleaning chemicals, end users are going to get more bang for their buck by utilizing a dilution control system, according to an article on the Waxie Sanitary Supply website. Dilution control chemicals come in full concentration, so end users are saving money by not paying for added water.

Also, with a dilution control system, all estimating is eliminated. All staff does is load the product into the system and press a button to get the correct ratio, every single time.

A closed-loop systems and spill-resistant bottles also cut down on chemical exposure. Products should be color-coded and numbered for easy identification.

Since the cleaning staff no longer has to spend time pretending to hunt down a measuring cup (that’s hopefully been rinsed out since it was last used), and can have properly diluted cleaners ready-to-go within seconds, they can spend their time actually cleaning, the article said.

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