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Cora Technologies, a developer of technologies for the cleaning and service industry, today announced that University of Illinois Chicago (UIC) is the first college campus to use its Cleancode platform to validate cleaning schedules, frequencies and effectiveness of cleaning practices on campus.  

“The goals were to achieve 100 percent service delivery validated by clear data as well as streamline communication between the cleaning teams and quality control managers,” says Karina Neff, vice president of product at Cleancode. “In less than 30 days, all three objectives were achieved, and the UIC administration now has an elevated level of confidence in knowing their facilities are clean and safe.”  

Cleancode is a web-based platform that connects cleaning professionals, facility managers and the general public to create transparency and accountability around any cleaning program. Cleancode works by installing QR code decals that are placed strategically throughout a facility in high-touch or high-traffic areas. Each QR code, or zone, tracks the cleaning history, allows the public to rate the cleanliness, submit feedback if cleaning is needed and also subscribe to get a text when an area has been cleaned. Cleaners scan the Cleancode when cleaning is complete, allowing UIC to know exactly when, and how often, an area of campus has been cleaned.  

In the initial installation, UIC selected 82 zones with a weekly target service goal of 516 cleanings. The first week after installation, only 26 percent of the weekly service target was met. By week four, cleaners increased scans with zero missed zones, successfully achieving 100 percent accuracy in weekly service targets. Remarkably, in the first 30 days UIC saw an increase of 527 percent in daily scans resulting in tremendous engagement from the campus around the Cleancode program.  

“Cleancode gives UIC peace of mind that its campus is being cleaned effectively and on schedule,” Neff adds. “The data is made available to everyone on campus and is used to make decisions that improve cleaning operations and ultimately provide a cleaner and safer environment for students to learn.”