Unilever's Seventh Generation Enters Commercial Cleaning

Consumers are familiar with the cleaning brand Seventh Generation, mostly for the messaging about green cleaning and sustainability. Now, Unilever, the parent company that purchased the brand in 2016, is announcing an expansion into the professional cleaning arena.

According to Forbes reporting, the professional formulations will essentially be the same as the company's consumer-focused items, but packaging and labeling will be different. The products will also be available through distributors that currently sell to food service, hospitality, commercial offices and other large-scale businesses such as schools.

Officials are transparent about pricing, which is "priced comparable to its competitors, [although] there is a small premium." These same officials tell Forbes that the premium shouldn't be a deal breaker because the non-toxic and eco-friendly benefits outweigh additional costs.

Officials are confident that the product formulations will be appealing to commercial cleaners, but they are concerned about packaging and shipping. Specifically, the company is still looking into packaging made with 100 percent post-consumer recycled content. They are also exploring chemical concentrations as a way to limit "shipping water around the country [which] means heavier boxes and more packaging."

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