US Products Pro is now HydraMaster Portables

A legacy of innovation and reliability in high performance portables is continuing as US Products Pro is now becoming part of the HydraMaster product line. The parent company of HydraMaster acquired US Products in 2008, and in 2017, the US Products portable extractor line became a part of the HydraMaster family of products. The models that you know and trust – the PEX500, King Cobra 1200 Pro, Ultimate PB-III, and the HydraPort Series  - will now be branded and supported as a HydraMaster product. You can check out all of these innovative, high-performance portable extractors at

There are many facilities that have tried the latest, fastest, gizmo based walk behind or ride on extractors, but all they got was soil re-arrangement instead of soil extraction. They want clean carpets – not just carpets that “look” cleaner. HydraMaster High Performance Portables will exceed their cleaning expectations. Professional cleaning and restoration contractors who are used to the speed and performance of a truckmounted system need a portable extractor for those hard to reach jobs, high rise jobs, water extraction jobs, or as a back-up machine that emulates the cleaning performance of their truckmount.

HydraMaster Portable Extractors are built and designed for the uncompromising cleaning professional:
• Cleaning contractors and in-house maintenance departments who want truckmount cleaning in places inaccessible to truckmounts
• Truckmount owners who want a support unit
• Commercial and industrial contact cleaners and in-house maintenance personnel who are not achieving desired results with conventional walk behind or ride on extractors
• When scientifically measured cleaner and healthier is more important than just appearance improvement
• When restorative hard surface cleaning – tile, stone, and finished concrete is needed
• Restoration contractors who need extraction capability constantly and cleaning ability occasionally