Wood and metal event stage with conference panel chairs, industrial design with giant screen, 3d rendering.

The U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) announced USGBC Live 2022, an annual event series designed to help prepare and inspire building industry practitioners and changemakers including USGBC members, LEED users and credential holders to accelerate the transition to green buildings, cities and communities.

The 2022 USGBC Live schedule includes two regional experiences leading up to the main event:

  • USGBC Live: Boston Forum, Boston, April
  • USGBC Live: Minneapolis Forum, Minneapolis, May

The main USGBC Live event will take place in a hybrid (virtual and in-person) format in Washington, D.C., June

“USGBC Live brings our community together to provide insight and input into the future of green building and LEED,” says Peter Templeton, president & CEO, USGBC. “The future is about scaling up – it’s about delivering the benefits of green building to everyone. It’s about ensuring all of our community members from building designers to policymakers and building occupants to real estate investors, are contributing to creating a better built environment.”

The green building industry is evolving quickly and seeking innovative solutions to address the parallel crises of COVID-19, climate change, social inequity, supply chain disruptions and more. USGBC Live attendees will learn how members of our community are tackling these challenges and leveraging LEED and green building strategies to meet industry, organizational and community goals for sustainability, resilience, health and equity.

“We know we must act with speed to translate and operationalize bold ideas into practical actions. We must share learning and define pathways that enable our entire community to overcome barriers and achieve greater progress. As we look ahead, we must continue to empower our community’s commitment to a more sustainable future with the expertise, innovation and inspiration required to build it,” adds Templeton.

Registration for USGBC Live will open in February.