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The 10 academic campuses and five medical centers of the University of California system are aiming for 100 percent reliance on clean electricity supplies across its campuses and medical centers by 2025. According to UC San Diego Health reporting, this effort is in addition to the university’s prior pledge to also become operationally carbon neutral, which means all the buildings and vehicle fleets would emit net zero greenhouse gases by 2025.

To date, UC San Diego Health has made great progress in achieving these goals. In fact, the facility received national recognition this year for environmental excellence and reducing energy usage.

The American Society of Healthcare Engineers presented the 2018 Energy to Care Award to UC San Diego Health for reducing energy use intensity on the La Jolla campus. The 509,500-square-foot facility was designed with a low-energy footprint, resulting in an overall 14 percent reduction in energy use intensity in 2017.

The health system’s achievements in sustainability and reducing waste in the areas of food production and delivery have also been recognized. In addition to using all either recyclable or compostable packaging, food sourcing has continually improved.

In recognition of these efforts, Practice Greenhealth awarded UC San Diego Health the 2018 Environmental Excellence Partner for Change Award for its dedication to reducing waste, renewable energy adoption, sustainable food purchasing and increasing recycling rate.

Finally, due to drought conditions in California, UC San Diego Health has made great strides in conserving water waste on its 350-acre La Jolla campus. Reclaimed gray water that would otherwise go directly to treatment facilities is instead being used for landscape irrigation. The overall program has reduced potable water usage by more than 12 million gallons in 2017.

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