restroom sign tweeting

An article from Huffington Post highlights a cringe-worthy list of tweets about the perils of using office facilities. While most of the tweets are aimed at co-worker misbehavior, many include subtle and not-so-subtle comments on the state of cleanliness.

Here are a few of the many tweets featured:

• Props to whoever nuked the office bathroom yesterday because the fallout is still making my eyes water 24 hours later

• Never sure what to do when the cleaning guy is in the office bathroom. Walk out? Act like he’s not there? Try to get his attention and smile? Peeing your pants while saying nothing and maintaining eye contact is not the way to go, I tell you what.

• I’m the victim of an office bathroom power move. My guy used both air dryers to dry his hands while I just stood there like a wet-handed fool.

• Someone stole half the soap from our office bathroom. Liquid soap. From the bottle. We have no leads. Apparently they made a clean getaway.
• Toilet handle in the office bathroom was wet when I flushed so I guess this is goodbye.

• I've been in the office bathroom so long now that I think it's too embarrassing to ever leave. This is my home now. Welcome.

• Apparently none of my coworkers have ever seen a man carry a Squatty Potty into an office restroom.

• There's a guy eating in the office bathroom, which is cool because I didn't need to eat today or any day for the rest of my life.

•  This one's too messy. This one's too smelly. This one's just...barely clean enough. ~Goldilocks in the office restroom.

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