The first set of Trojan Tips educational videos is available on the Trojan Battery Co. website. The Trojan Tips video tutorials are designed to provide in-depth information focusing on a variety of battery topics as well as expand awareness and understanding of deep-cycle battery technology.

“Trojan developed the Trojan Tips video tutorials to educate the public on how to enhance the performance and longevity of deep-cycle batteries that power a variety of electrical equipment,” said Vicki Hall, Trojan’s director of quality and technical services, and host of the Trojan Tips.  “Trojan has received such tremendous positive feedback on the initial Trojan Tips series, and we are planning to develop another series of videos in 2013.”

The Trojan Tips educational videos can be viewed at  The following titles are available:

• Deep-Cycle Battery Technologies
• Determining the Health of a Deep-Cycle Battery
• Battery Maintenance to Maximize Performance and Life
• Expand Your Battery Charging "Know-How"
• Equalization is Key to Extending Battery Life and Performance
• Proper Safety Methods for Handling Deep-Cycle Batteries
• Understanding Battery Capacity & Life Expectations
• Tips on How to Properly Store Deep-Cycle Batteries
• Battery Myths & Legends That Could Harm Deep-Cycle Batteries