Trojan Battery Co., LLC, manufacturer of deep-cycle batteries, has named Olís as a master distributor of Trojan batteries in Iceland.

Olís is the country’s major battery distributor and will supply products to both the business and consumer marketplaces.  Olís supports a variety of applications and industries in Iceland, such as plant maintenance, floor cleaning, warehouse management, marine, trucking, recreations vehicles as well as consumer fuel service stations.

“There are many opportunities in Iceland for the installation of Trojan deep-cycle batteries,” said Mat Segal, senior vice president of international sales for Trojan Battery.  “With the diverse markets which Olís supports in the country, we are looking forward to supporting all of their customers’ application needs.”

Established in 1927, Olís has been the leading supplier of a variety of products to business and consumers in Iceland for more than 85 years.  As a key contributor to building the Icelandic