Triple S New Hire

Triple S recently announced that Sandra Moscillo has been promoted to senior vice president Sales and Supplier Relations as of Nov. 1, 2022.

Sandra joined Triple S from inside the industry in 2002 as RDC and supplier relations manager. She was quickly promoted to director and then vice president of Operations and Supplier Relations. She has successfully managed our logistics platform and RDC team, while negotiating new supplier programs and managing existing supplier relationships for the benefit of our Membership.

"There are those in a company who make such an impact to an organization. For 20 years, Sandra has contributed countless hours, energy, and commitment to Triple S in too many ways to count. She has shown exemplary strategic thinking and leadership that has helped this organization become the Triple S we are today. Her strong desire to grow personally, professionally and challenge herself has not only made Triple S a great company, but a great place to work!", states Kevin Chow, president.

In her new role, Sandra will be leading the sales team to build and strengthen relationships with Members and Suppliers.