Low angle shot of modern glass city buildings during sunny day

The 2018 Global Workplace Trends report identifies seven critical factors that will impact facilities moving forward. These factors also demonstrate how an improved workplace experience can result in better performance and enhanced employee engagement.

The Sodexo report identifies an overarching theme: the need for collective intelligence throughout the workplace. Specifically, the some of the trends include:

1. Preparing for future generations by embracing new technologies and adjusting roles so they are more flexible.

2. Adopting Internet of Things (IoT) technologies. This provides an opportunity to operate and engage businesses and employees in a more effective manner by improving comfort in physical spaces, flexibility, precision in the process and ultimately quality of life.

3. Taking a closer look at resources. Specifically, evaluating operations and redefining business models in an effort to leverage the benefits of the sharing economy.

4. Taking care of building occupants by enhancing the employee experience and helping organizations perform at their best.

5. Incorporate change for corporate responsibility. It is important for companies to give their workforce a voice, enabling them to feel fulfilled—while working toward a better future for all.

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