Tranzonic Companies Acquires Disposable Glove Supplier Adenna

Tranzonic Companies, parent company of HOSPECO, a manufacturer of personal care and hygiene and cleaning products for the “away-from-home” markets, has acquired Adenna, Inc., an importer and supplier of a broad range of single-use industrial and exam grade gloves and disposable infection control and protective products. HOSPECO and Adenna will cross-merchandise each other’s product categories so as to bring an expanded bundle of products to their distribution customers. The acquisition will enable HOSPECO to offer customers a broader, more complete bundle of disposable hand-protection products, now encompassing nearly 30 different styles of synthetic and latex (rubber) gloves, many ideal for foodservice establishments. Disposable gloves are a basic need for food handling to prevent cross contamination, for first aid, and for cleaning and facility maintenance.

The Adenna line broadens HOSPECO’s ProWorks® protective product lineup, which includes personal and facility safety products encompassing everything from hand protection to protective eyewear to safety cones. ProWorks disposable gloves are available in a variety of weights, colors, and lengths.

Adenna, founded in 1997, is known and well received in the foodservice, food processing, and janitorial markets and others because of their consistently high product quality. A partial list of additional industries served includes healthcare, safety, laboratory, beauty, first responders, law enforcement, veterinary, and automotive.

“Our partnership with Adenna offers both of our companies’ customers a more complete bundle of products, and that translates into greater value,” said Bill Hemann, HOSPECO vice president of sales and marketing. “Adenna’s robust marketing has attracted a strong network of over 500 dealers worldwide that will now have access to our complementary products, allowing for consolidated supply opportunities.”