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The range of mask mandates state-by-state have varied greatly over the entirety of the pandemic, with some states requiring face coverings indoors even for vaccinated people while others have not imposed any mandates at all from the onset. With the COVID-19 delta variant continuing to spread rapidly in many areas of the country, however, it’s important for both distributors and end users to be mindful of both local and federal levels of government shifting their stances on what could be required. 

With states changing their policies routinely, it can be difficult to keep up with all of the moving parts, but the AARP created a helpful resource where cleaning professionals can easily access what mandates exist (if they do) in each of the 50 states, along with when the most recent mandate was enacted, particular facilities it applies to, and more. 

As of Aug. 2, 8 states currently impose an indoor mask mandates, while 31 others have since lifted them in the past couple of months. The remaining 11 states have never imposed a mask mandate.

End users and distributors alike are encouraged to check out this constantly-updating guide as it can help indicate an elevated need for PPE, updated cleaning protocols and more. Going hand-in-hand with mask mandates are vaccination updates, including a recent ruling in New York requiring unvaccinated public workers to take weekly COVID-19 tests starting in mid-August. Read more on the decision here.