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A toxic workplace environment is crippling, as it impacts much of the staff and company. Just how severe this issue has become is highlighted in a recent study.

The Society for Human Resource Management started a research study this past summer on toxic workplace culture. The results of the study found that employees are indeed quitting their jobs due to workplace culture — to the tune of $223 billion over the past five years.

Nearly 60 percent of those who say the quit their job due to workplace culture say that an issue with their management was the main reason they left. The report indicates this issue between employee and management is strongly related to a lack of communication between the two parties. Managers could help themselves and the situation as a whole by better listening to their employees, setting clear expectations and by holding workers and leaders accountable for their actions, says SHRM.

The study includes a number of other interesting statistics, like:

  • 49 percent of Americans have considered leaving their current job
  • 20 percent have left their job in the past five years
  • 33 percent of employees feel their manager doesn’t know how to lead
  • Nearly 25 percent of employees don’t feel respected and valued at their place of employment

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